David Gearhart - Saved for a Purpose

David has such an incredible testimony. He has stories of being saved by angels from danger, he's been homeless, experimented with drugs and alcohol, and lost everything that was important to him. Yet through it all God was drawing David to Himself and saving him for a special purpose.

In this episode I introduce you to David Gearhart. He attends the church that I pastor and his testimony is incredibly powerful. Here's what we discover about him:

  • His childhood in Iowa
  • How God saved his life multiple times
  • How David lost everything
  • Where he is in His walk with God today

It is our prayer that you are as inspired by David's testimony as we are. No matter where you are in your journey with God or what your testimony looks like, God is drawing you to Himself as He was David and He longs to use you for His honor and glory.

Music by Dexter Britain. All rights reserved.