Daniel Part 3 - An Ancient Dream Continued

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Last week, we left you hanging at a pivotal moment in the story of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar's forgotten dream. Daniel had just admitted that he could not tell the king what he had dreamed, but that there was a God in heaven who could reveal secrets. Did Daniel share what the king had dreamed? What impact would that dream have, not only for Daniel, but for Nebuchadnezzar and the rest of the world down through history? Listen to "An Ancient Dream Continued" to find out!

In this episode:

  • Listen in as Daniel describes what the king dreamed
  • Experience awe as he interprets the dream
  • Discover how the dream applies to us and what event will happen next

It is our prayer that this episode encourages you and that you will find a God worth trusting as you listen to "An Ancient Dream Continued."

Music by Dexter Britain. Used under Creative Commons license. No changes have been made from the original.