Kortnye Hurst - How to Redefine Strength

I’m so honored to have Kortnye back for a second episode! Her spirit is contagious and even though she has a sometimes difficult story, she uses her past to help others. She is launching a brand new audio course called “How to Redefine Strength” which will help you become a carrier of light and wholeness.

In this episode:

  • Hear a recap about Kortnye’s background

  • Learn how Kortnye has dealt with hurtful people

  • Enjoy a preview of some of things you’ll learn in her free audio course

  • Take away some practical tips you can apply in your life today

My prayer is that you would find Kortnye’s story inspiring, that it would help you deal with unpleasant circumstances you may be facing, and that it would encourage you to be a carrier of kindness and joy. Download her free audio course today and may your faith be inspired and hope renewed.

Music by Dexter Britain. Used under Creative Commons license. No changes have been made from the original.

Joel SutherlandComment