Curtis Sutherland - Army Chaplain

I am really excited to introduce you to my Dad, Chaplain Curtis Sutherland. He’s currently stationed in South Korea, but he was able to visit me in December, giving us an opportunity to record this conversation. Chaplaincy is a different kind of ministry and my dad’s story is one that you’ll find encouraging.

In this episode:

  • Learn about his journey into chaplaincy

  • Discover why he joined the military

  • Hear stories about ministry in the military

  • Find out about misconceptions some have about chaplaincy and religious freedom

  • Learn what makes chaplaincy unique

As always, I hope that this conversation will be a blessing to you. If you are interested in more information about chaplaincy, you can go to

Music by Dexter Britain. Used under Creative Commons license. No changes have been made from the original.

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