Dan Riggs - Dentist and Pilot


Dan's story speaks of a missionary heart all the way through. He is from California, but after college he moved to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, by way of South America. He had a dental practice in Lawrenceburg and he also flew mission trips down to Haiti.

In this episode you'll get to know Dan and hear about some of the miracles that have attended his life. You'll find out:

  • Where he's from and what brought him to Lawrenceburg
  • When he got involved in aviation and the different ways he uses it for ministry
  • How God spared his life through an airplane crash
  • How his angel spoke to him and saved him from blindness

It is our prayer that as you listen to Dan's story, you'll rediscover a God who longs to protect you and loves you unconditionally. Maybe you'll even be inspired to use your talents for God's honor and glory.

Music by Dexter Britain. All rights reserved.

Joel SutherlandComment