Ignacio Silverio - Missionary at Home

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I want you to meet my friend, Pastor Nacho. He is the associate pastor of the Madison Campus Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Instead of getting bogged down in all the day-to-day business of running a church, Pastor Nacho has chosen to see himself and his family as missionaries here in the United States. Our prayer is that his story will help you to see yourself as a missionary too.

In this episode:

  • Pastor Nacho shares about his conversion and desire to become a missionary
  • We learn about his trip to Houston after Hurricane Harvey
  • Pastor Nacho tells the story of Mr. Cho and others who were effected by the storm
  • We are challenged to become missionaries in our own homes, churches, and communities

If you'd like to learn more about Mr. Cho and watch the video Pastor Nacho talked about in the interview, go to Youtube. If this story inspired you to become a missionary in your sphere of influence, let us know! God is calling for each one of us to become His hands and feet in a world that is hurting.

Music by Dexter Britain. All rights reserved.

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