Stewart Lozensky - God is Faithful

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I'm excited to introduce you to Pastor Stewart. He is a colleague of mine who pastors the Louisville First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kentucky. He came from a rough background, yet today he can say that God has been faithful, not pulling him out of his trials, but walking through them with him. What amazing faith!

In this episode:

  • Learn about Stewart’s childhood
  • Hear about how he met Christ
  • Find out how Stewart got involved in ministry
  • Discover why he took a break from ministry
  • Hear how he became a pastor
  • Be amazed by some of the stories he shares of God’s faithfulness

As you listen to Pastor Stewart’s story, I hope that you discover a God who loves you enough to walk through your trials with you.

Music by Dexter Britain. Used under Creative Commons license. No changes have been made from the original.

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